deCAR Partners

deCAR Partners, LLC is acquiring and developing an exclusive portfolio of growth businesses in the Fine Art, Vintage Luxury, and Collectibles markets.

About us

deCAR Partners, LLC works with Founders and CEO’s, providing them with growth capital, and the strategic advisory and business development services they need to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities for growth in this market. With a team, and Advisory Network, of recognized business leaders and finance professionals, deCAR Partners, LLC brings deep, relevant expertise to companies looking to grow through international expansion, client acquisition, brand development, new product launch, online development, scaling management, partnerships, and acquisitions.

deCAR Partners, LLC makes investments with a long-term perspective, building a portfolio of businesses with strong cash flow that can be leaders in targeted sectors of the market. While we remain as trusted partners for the long-term, deCAR Partners, LLC will also strategically introduce carefully selected capital partners, when appropriate to support the growth strategy of each business, and to meet the unique needs of business owners and management.



We work with a select group of capital providers that have a long-term investment horizon, and an interest in the Fine Art, Vintage Luxury, and Collectibles Markets.
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deCAR Partners operates in New York and London.
It is headquartered at:

745 Fifth Avenue, 29th floor
New York, NY 10151

T: +1 646 665 3774